On May 29 and 30, a thousand professionals gathered to share knowledge of the new world of microorganisms at the El Batel Auditorium (Cartagena).

Ideagro, together with Agromarketing Spain, organized the First International Forum of Microorganisms, becoming one of the most important agricultural research forums of the year.

Never before there had been so many professionals from the technical and scientific fields reunited in a forum related to a topic as current as the agricultural treatments based on microorganisms.

As explained by our Technical Director, Pedro Palazón: “In Ideagro, we have been leading the development of biostimulants and fertilizers based on microorganisms for more than 9 years, therefore, we were fully aware of the need of organizing a forum in which stakeholders involved could share knowledge and analyze the appropriate future strategies that would allow us to advance in a precise, solid and united way in the field of microorganisms … “.

Having to face a new regulatory framework at a European level which includes microbial products as fertilizers, and shortly, as biostimulants, it was the right time to organize The Microbioma Forum, a round table that would allow us to have a global knowledge from the different points of view involved: legal, phytosanitary, fertilizer and biostimulant.

When we designed the program, our main target was The Microbioma Forum to be agile, dynamic. It should allow us to know all the points of view in the same forum so that each of the participants could draw their own conclusions in an autonomous way and gain decision-making capacity in his daily work. According to the received comments we believe that we have achieved.

In Microbioma it has become clear that we are working with complex products, which we must investigatein order to know their potential and, of course, to learn how to handle them efficiently.

“From my point of view,the real success of Microbioma is having been able to unite in a same forum, more than a thousand people with different training and concerns (72% technicians / producers, 16% manufacturers of microbial products and 12% researchers / scientists) in a relaxed environment, networking, and with the intention of sharing, collaborating and adding” says our Technical Director.

We would like to highlight a quote from Dr. Esther Ngumbi: “We need to find sustainable solutions that can restore soil health, reduce the use of fertilizers and revolutionize agriculture … the moment is now…”.

We are grateful to two members of the scientific committee: Carlos García Izquierdo (CEBAS-CSIC) and Pedro Fernandez Molina (Agriculture Ministry).as without their effort and hard work The Microbioma Forum would not have been possible.

We can´t forget the entire Agromarketing team, who, with enormous flexibility, adaptability and indescribable confidence in this challenge, made “easy” what for others would have been “impossible”,


From IDEAGRO Palazón would like to express his gratitude to Alexia Stellfeldt IDEAGRO’s Project Director who has actively participated in the preparations of the event and in the scientific committee as well as moderated the Biostimulant and Fertilizers blocks Thanks to her effort the event not only went ahead, but it was a success.


Finally, a special acknowledgement to the rest of #IDEAGROteam for their support and effort. Thanks to them we have lived two incredible and intense days in which it has become clear that microorganisms in agriculture are part of the agenda of the sector.

See you at MicroBioma Forum 2020!