What is IDEAGRO?

Ideagro is an independent research company dedicated to the agro-alimentary sector. We are a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with a wide experience in the agro-food sector.

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  • 🌿 Crean un trigo capaz de prosperar en suelos salados 👨‍🔬 Científicos de la Universidad de Gotemburgo mutan una variedad de trigo de Bangladesh, con cierta tolerancia a la sal,  y logran semillas que pesan tres veces más y que germinan casi el doble #agro noticiasdelaciencia.com/art/4… pic.twitter.com/8W1fFGmUO1

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    What is the Innovative SME Certificate?

    Being awarded with the Innovative SME Certificate is the acknowledgement from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities as innovative company due to the realization of activities in the field of Investigation, Technological Development or Technological Innovation (R&D).

    At Ideagro we believe in innovation, our main aim is the research and since our founding we have provided solutions in the field of the agrofood sector. We put our expertise at your service with a single objective: help you with your projects