Experts in agri-food research

Independent applied agri-food research company, accredited by MAPA, and certified under the UNE ISO 9001 standards.

We develop a methodical work under the EPPO system of standards, under strict rules of confidentiality and data protection of our clients.

We carry out all kinds of tests for chemical, organic or biological products, covering the stages of production, development and post-harvest.

Specialists in the development of fertilizers, biostimulants and products based on microorganisms.

We have our own laboratory and test fields, as well as collaboration contracts with institutions, organizations and professionals in the agricultural sector.

Our field trials are located throughout Spain and Portugal.

investigacion agroalimentaria
Agrifood Research

Crop trials

We carry out all kinds of tests on crops both outdoors and in greenhouses,
with solutions adapted to each need.

Officially recognized tests (EOR 82/13)

Registration tests of products based on microorganisms in accordance with current regulations RD 999/2017

Efficacy tests of chemical, biological and microorganism-based products

Phytotoxicity evaluation according to EPPO standards

Persistence tests of different products such as phytosanitary products and agricultural fertilizers

Trials of different agricultural varieties (horticultural and fruit)

Evaluation of all culture response parameters according to an appropriate experimental design that will allow the subsequent statistical treatment of the data obtained.

We can carry out evaluations in different culture conditions that include in-vitro, microcosm, greenhouse and open-air tests.

We work in all the crops of the Iberian Peninsula

We work under strict rules of confidentiality and data protection

Laboratorio img

state-of-the-art laboratory

Thanks to our advanced laboratory and highly specialized staff, we achieve excellence in all types of agri-food research projects. 

In-vitro efficacy tests of bactericides, fungicides, insecticides and nematicides

Product feasibility and stability study

Analysis of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria), nematodes and pathogenic organisms, both in soil and plant material

mycotoxin analysis

Analysis of quality and nutraceutical properties

Soil quality analysis including soil enzymatic activity

Identification by PCR, microbiological and biochemical techniques of microorganisms

Microbiological control in food and animal feed

Environmental microbiological quality

Proyectos img

R+D+i projects

If you need advice, support in the development and management of R+D+i projects,
Ideagro can help you obtain optimal results.

Development of research projects at a national and European level jointly with our clients

We provide advice and follow-up on applied research projects

We apply advanced strategies for the development of research projects in the agri-food sector, guaranteeing optimal results.

Do you have an idea for a project?
Do not doubt contact us. we are your best PARTNER.

Consultoría estratégica y formación img

Strategic consulting and training

Strategic resolution of specific problems associated with crop production, quality, post-harvest and processing. Specific training adapted to the needs of our clients.

soil health





Do you have an idea for a project?
Do not doubt contact us. we are your best PARTNER.

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