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[:en]Ideagro, a crop science company based in Murcia, Spain, began analysing Spanish crop production in 2011. Today, the company employ a team of six people; working on global field trials and crop research. Ideagro test more than 42 global crops covering intensive and arable crop production. 

“We look at crops and their development. We want to understand their needs so the world can continue to produce and consume nutritious food,” said Pedro Antonio Palazón Monreal, director of Ideagro. “We began with small field trials in Spain with local farmers in 2011. Ever since, our research business continues to expand and we have built an additional laboratory. We are also looking to Asian and Latin American markets for future expansion.”  

One of the trials underway at Ideagro is based on Huanglongbing (HLB), otherwise known as citrus greening. At the moment the disease is widespread in Florida, U.S.A. “In order to prevent the disease we must first understand it and how it affects the plant,” said Palazón Monreal. “Our laboratories carry out trials and product tests, allowing us to find solutions for today’s crop production issues.”

“I believe the largest threat to crop production is our finite amount of land. Consumers are asking farmers to produce more, with less. Our future research projects will allow us to solve real world problems, while continuing to collaborate on a local and global scale,” concluded Palazón Monreal.

Ideagro and Alltech are working together to conduct 55 European and global market trials for Alltech Crop Science solutions. 

Originally posted by ALLTECH Crop Science (July 2015)[:]

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