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On September 19, 2017, the launch meeting of the supra-autonomous operational group took place in Madrid Oleoprecisión 4.0 "Modernization of oilseed cultivation in Spain" For the creation of which the National Rural Development Program has granted aid of 84,201 euros, co-financed to 53% by the EAFRD and to the remaining 47% by MAPAMA.

The objective of Oleoprecisión 4.0 is to develop an innovative project that allows the transfer of solutions to modernize the cultivation of oilseeds in Spain, improving their profitability, traceability and sustainability, facing the environmental and climatic challenges and trends set by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). ). All this through a multidisciplinary analysis that integrates new cultivation techniques and precision agriculture.

Oleoprecision 4.0 is led by the Sovena Oilseeds Spain group, which together with the group of cooperatives Acor, Manzanilla Olive and Acopaex, make up the operating group. In addition, it will have the support of several research centers from different parts of the country, such as the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (Ifapa) of Andalusia, the Agrarian Technological Institute of Castilla y León (ItaCyL), the Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura (Cicytex) and Ideagro, in Murcia. In addition, the operational group will have the collaboration of the main companies involved in the sector, such as Syngenta, Yara, Alltech, Rivulis Irrigation, Bynse and Agrodrone.

During the meeting, the need to modify the cultivation techniques of oilseeds to improve their competitiveness with other traditional products of irrigated agriculture and with greater profitability was revealed. In addition, they consider this operating group “of vital importance to promote integrated solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of oil crops, ensuring the needs of the industry quantitatively and qualitatively.

For this, it is essential that all the agents of the agri-food chain are present together with the research centers”, has assured the coordinator of the project, Agustín Murillo (Sovena Spain).

Pedro Palazón CEO IDEAGRO – "With our participation in Oleprecision we intend to transfer the results obtained in recent years in oilseed crops, optimizing fertilization through the use of foliar applications or crop extraction curves adapted to the different cultivation areas as well as the importance of using different nutrients at specific times or the "risk" of using "nitrogen" at specific times"

From now on, the members of the operational group are going to carry out a study on possible improvements in cultivation techniques to improve the production, quality and traceability of oilseed crops, focusing on: crop adaptation to different areas; resistance to weeds to reduce productive losses; effects on the quality and traceability of the product; and, finally, the incorporation of irrigation and fertilization management techniques from other crops to implement them in the cultivation of oilseeds. All this information will be essential for the development of the innovative project, which will then be evaluated by the companies that make up the operating group.

«On the other hand, as a result of the collaboration with SOVENA ESPAÑA that we have been carrying out in recent years, new production areas have been identified due to the lower water needs that oilseeds may have, which are more adapted to situations of water stress, compared to other extensive crops such as corn that need a large amount of water.

This can be an added value in areas where the volume of water is limited, or where water savings are required to be able to maintain more irrigated area, increasing the farmer's profitability compared to crops currently implanted. Said objective will be developed with the collaboration of the rest of the participating research groups IFAPA, CYCITEX and ITACYL, which will allow the project to be addressed in its entirety, combining the experience of the different groups, as well as in the different potentially producing areas»

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