IDEAGRO & Alltech collaborate on more than 55 trials in Europe

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[:en]IDEAGRO, a company specialized in agricultural trials and natural solutions for use in agriculture with headquarters in Murcia, Spain, active since 2011. Currently, the company has 6 employees, a figure that is widely expected in 2016. IDEAGRO carries out both field and laboratory tests on more than 42 different crops, including greenhouse vegetables, rainfed crops, fruit trees...

“We focus on crops and their development. We want to really understand the needs in such a way that we can really contribute to the improvement of production but also to produce food in a nutritious but also more sustainable way”, says Pedro Palazón Monreal, director of IDEAGRO. «We started with small field trials back in 2011, but since then, we have not stopped for a second, and currently, we are working to expand our activity and broaden our service offering. We have built new laboratory facilities and expanded our offices. We have set ourselves the Asian and Latin American markets as a goal to expand our activity«.

One of our trials in collaboration with Alltech covers the much feared Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as 'grenning', which affects many citrus cultivars, not only in Spain but also in Florida, one of the largest citrus production areas. from United States. «In order to prevent the effects caused by this pathology, it is necessary to understand in detail how it affects the plant, therefore, and thanks to our own facilities, we can carry out trials and product tests, guaranteeing effective solutions for production problems. agricultural"

The interview ends with Pedro talking about the challenges of agriculture for the coming years. “I believe that one of the biggest challenges for agricultural production will be the dwindling availability of arable land, which, coupled with an increasing demand for food, will make it necessary to do more with less. Our next research projects will be oriented to solve real problems, providing R&D and advanced technological solutions, contributing locally, but always focused on achieving increasingly global goals«.

IDEAGRO and ALLTECH collaborate in 55 field tests at a European level aimed at obtaining natural solutions for agriculture under the banner of Alltech Crop Science

Original article published by ALLTECH Crop Science (as of July 2015).

-The Spanish version has been modified for better understanding-.[:]

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