Greenfield Technologies and Ideagro go one step further in efficient land management.

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Within the framework of the Smart Agrifood Summit, Greenfield Technologies, specialists in soil mapping, and IDEAGRO, a company experienced in determining the biological properties of the soil, take a step further in soil analysis. The signed agreement will allow not only to evaluate the physical properties of the soil, but also, at the same time, to know its biological properties.

With this alliance it is intended to provide a global solution, in order to take advantage of all the agricultural potential of the soil. The organisms that inhabit the soil are essential to sustain various functional processes of the soil. The management of variables such as irrigation and fertilization will depend on the soil structure.

While, the microbiological activity of the soil has a decisive influence on the productivity of the crop. Said biological properties of the soil will be evaluated indirectly through the quantification of the enzymatic activity of the soil. From this technology, it will be possible to know the quality of the soil, the productive potential, and what parameters must be reinforced to obtain higher agricultural productions in a sustainable way. In addition, determining the pathogenicity of the soil will allow to anticipate potentially unfavorable situations for the crop.

Greenfield Technologies currently performs soil characterization using GPS and geophysical electromagnetism technology. "Currently, the use of new technologies such as soil mapping allows the precise determination of the physical-chemical characteristics of the soil with great accuracy, allowing farmers to make even more efficient use of available resources, improving and optimizing irrigation scheduling based on soil characteristics, the use of variable sowing doses and fertilization” – Miguel Córdoba, CEO of Greenfield Technologies.

For its part, Ideagro, an independent applied research company with extensive experience in the determination and analysis of soil biological properties, will complement the service offered by Greenfield Technologies. This important alliance will allow farmers to have a precise tool when designing the plantation or for the optimization of already established plantations, making the most of a very valuable resource such as soil.

As Pedro Palazón, CEO of IDEAGRO, indicates: “soil is a living, dynamic, non-renewable system, and not only agriculture but also ecosystems depend on its condition and functioning. At present, it is necessary to know the organisms that live and work in the soil, to know what their actions are, and adequately convey to the farmer how he can, and must intervene to maintain and increase the fertility of cultivated soils using microorganisms in your favour."[:]

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