World Agriculture Day – September 9

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[:is he World Agriculture Day It is celebrated annually on September 9 as a tribute to those people who dedicate their lives to cultivating the land in order to produce food of the highest quality for the consumption of a growing society.

This year, he #WorldAgricultureDay, serves to remind us of the challenges that the agricultural sector must face on a global scale how necessary adaptation to climate change and new consumption habits.

Every year, on World Agriculture Day, different activities are carried out to honor farmers, exposing the difficulties they face every day to offer consumers the best possible product.

From IDEAGRO, we want to contribute our grain of sand, never better said, remembering the vital importance of soil for agriculture.

Did you know that there are more microorganisms in a tablespoon???? of healthy soil than people on Earth ?????

To the human eye they are invaluable, but if we plunged a spoon into the ground we would discover that there are more microorganisms than inhabitants on earth, according to FAO sources. Scientists only know of one 2%. Among its vital functions is to maintain soil fertility, which is related to the amount of organic matter. Its loss due to erosion and the intensification of non-preventive agricultural practices have frequently produced unbalanced soils in nutrients.

Did you know that some microorganisms and groups of microorganisms can be considered as the influencers ground?

He microbiome is the set of genes of all microorganisms found in a habitat. In this case, soil-plant.

The farmer has generally understood that much of the profitability of the crop is given by mineral fertilization. You have to fertilize not only the plant, but the soil, because its living part is also necessary for plant development. It is precisely its microbiota: the set of microorganisms that act in symbiosis with the plant, which take care of its vigor and growth, although some may carry the risk of disease.

Measuring soil enzyme activity plays an important role in soil dynamics, since it is an indicator that the microorganisms would be acting as fertilizer. This is much more useful information than calculating how many microorganisms are in the soil. Their use as biostimulants or biofertilizers is complementary to mineral fertilization.. This not only benefits the plant, but also the soil, protecting it from adverse processes, maintaining its biodiversity and its ecosystem functions.

Soil is a non-renewable natural resource on a human time scale, and pTherefore, it is essential to take measures for its conservation and renovation. These measures include prevention of erosion, improvement of vegetation cover, and replacement of nutrients taken up by crops from the soil.

For these reasons, at Ideagro we believe that we must promote actions that maximize their productivity while promoting their conservation. Having said this, the objective has to be not only to minimize soil degradation, but also to adopt crop management measures that tend to maintain the soil fertility.[:]

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