“LIFE In-BRIEF Integrated business model for turning Bio-waste and sewage sludge into renewable energy and agri-urban Fertilizers” LIFE14 ENV/ES/000427

Turning waste into a resource is part of ‘closing the loop’ in circular economy systems and is one of the main pillars of the ‘Roadmap for a Resource-Efficient Europe’. The EU states that compost and digestate from biowaste are under-used materials. In this sense, biowaste and sewage sludge are two kinds of biode-gradable wastes with high potential to be converted into a resource through the recovery of minerals and nutrients.

The LIFE In-BRIEF project aims to develop and implement a new business model for the resource-efficient management of certain biodegradable waste, increasing its use for bioenergy and in bioproducts.

This will be done through an integrated management model for processing different biowaste generated by agri-food enterprises, and sewage sludge from urban waste water treatment, transforming it into renewable energy and high quality fertilisers.
The project will be implemented in a Biogas plant for non-hazardous waste treatment located in La Vall D’Uixó, Castellón – Spain. Industrial fertilizer producers will carry out the agronomic validation, while demonstration actions will take place both in farming and urban areas of La Vall d’Uixó.