Ideagro is an independent research company dedicated to the agro-alimentary sector.

Ideagro is an independent research company focused on the agrofood sector. Founded on 2011, it has never stopped growing and it is today formed by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team who add their professional experience to our company. IDEAGRO’s team is formed by doctors, biologists and specialized technicians, not only from the agrofood and agricultural areas, but also highly qualified in other areas such as in-vitro research, phytopathology, and soil dynamics as well as in the development of new agricultural strategies based on microorganisms.

Due to Ideagro´s certification from the Agriculture Office of the Region de Murcia as authorized laboratory for the realization of trials, the authorization of the MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (EOR 82/13), to carry out Officially Recognised Trials, the certification of the Quality Regulation ISO 9001:2015, as well as our recent recognition as a authorized company for the contained use of OMG TYPE 1 (A/ES/18/I-32), Ideagro can guarantee the quality and tracking in every stage of the process: field, laboratory and interpretation of the results.

Located in the Region of Murcia, in the south east of Spain, Ideagro has a wide range of facilities, including a fully equipped laboratory, and experimental fields. In addition, Ideagro has agreements with growers all over the Iberian Peninsula with more than 90 different fields.


Since its founding, Ideagro has carried out more than 1000 trials on all types of crops in different areas. Among the commercial and experimental products tested, our company is specialized in the development and evaluation of the use of microorganisms and biostimulants in order to reduce the negative impact of damaging substances on agricultural soil.

Ideagro has complemented its services with the implantation of new analysis techniques that will allow us to obtain more information about the soil and crops, such us the counting and identification of microorganisms or the quantification of the enzymatic activity of the soil. This, together with the interpretation of the physicochemical analysis of soils of various compositions and uses, gives an added value to all its services.

In each one of our trials we select the most convenient location according to the crop and intended target. Given that we have our own experimental fields as well as agreements with farmers, we work all over the Iberian Peninsula.

Ideagro has carried out a great number of trials, and in recent years we have also incorporated the use of new technologies in order to obtain a better understanding of the functioning of ecosystem and its optimization.