Project Life Zero Residues LIFE12/ENV/ES/0902

Proyecto Life Zero Residues LIFE12/ENV/ES/0902. Towards to sustainable production and supply chain for stone fruit.

The main objective of the Life Zero residues project was to improve the sustainability and quality of stone fruit production in order to provide a more competitive and healthy sector. During the first year,  the plagues and diseases  that affect the stone fruit crops were identified, in addition, the predictive mathematical models for the different plagues affecting the crops were identified, and the areas were determined according to their climatology in order to define the evolution trends of the diseases. . There on, fertilization and plague and disease control strategies were developed. These strategies were tested and verified during the second year of the project. After verifying the suitability of the predictive systems and the reduction of active substances through down to zero multi residues analysis, a plague and disease free product was obtained. In this project, the app Zerya, Predictive Models was developed. This app helps with the management, from any PC or mobile device, of the crops protection from plagues and diseases.

Ideagro worked as outsource on this project.